God’s Signature?

I was watching a John Hagee sermon on TV the other day when I was totally amazed by a photograph he showed to his congregation and TV audience. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Well, I mean, I could, and I did, but I thought “Wow, just wow.”

The photo below isn’t the exact image Pastor Hagee showed on TV but it’s the same place. That place is an area just north of Jerusalem that Hagee says, and I believe, is an impression on Earth made by the hand of God long before the creation of Adam. Hagee believes that it is God’s “signature” because of how it strongly resembles God’s name – Jehovah – in Hebrew lettering.

Lat 31.907385, Long 35.232797

It took me a couple of hours to figure out just where this was because it is actually rotated about ninety degrees to the left so the top of the image is pointing west, and when you look at the area surrounding Jerusalem in a satellite image, there are a lot of lines made from hills and mountain-like terrain.

The key to seeing the resemblance of this scene to the word “Jehovah” in Hebrew is to compare the above image to the series of images below where I’ve incrementally blended the text with the lines of the terrain. I don’t know about you, but I truly believe there’s something to this.

20% overlay

40% overlay

60% overlay

80% overlay

If you’d like to look this place up in a mapping application or website like Bing Maps, I’ve added the latitude and longitude co-ordinates to the first image. You can see them by hovering your mouse over the image. The image below shows the correct orientation

Map picture

If memory serves me, Pastor Hagee said this is the same place where Moses went and saw God face to face when he was given the Ten Commandments. Don’t quote me on that because after seeing the image on TV my mind was racing trying to figure out where I could find this image and I don’t recall much of the sermon after that point.


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