Day 366, 2012

It was the longest project I have ever attempted in my entire life. A photo a day for one whole year – and a leap year at that. When my good friend Lynn (Note-ables By Lynn on Flickr) challenged me to this project I took it on thinking no one would actually complete it. Well, here it is, 366 days in and this is my final post for the series. I decided it would be fitting to replicate my first image in the series, even without a title other than the day number.

I hope you enjoyed this trip around the sun with me as much as I enjoyed doing it. I plan on making a video sequence of all the images and posting it on Vimeo so stay tuned for that.

Lynn, if you’re reading this, thank you for the inspiration and the challenge. It promoted creativity and perseverance, both of which I sometimes lack. I never would have dreamed of doing something like this had you not suggested it. This challenge was indeed difficult at times but it was in my head literally every day of 2012.

Happy New Year to everyone and God Bless you all.



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