I’m going to change things up this year.  There will no longer be any reward for leading most laps, I think even nas has stopped doing that.

We will still use a roster of 25 drivers each race. I hope to get 20 members again this year but if I don’t, the prize money will have to be adjusted from what it states below.

The pool will be simple. Drivers who finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the Pole winner will get highlighted in the corresponding colour like you see in the bottom left of the chart, and you can follow your progress right on this page, no more separate page for that. The chart is ready to go as it was sorted with a witness who has nothing to do with the pool. The chart you see above is greyed out so no one can tell what drivers are in their list until everyone has signed up.

There will be a large printout of the chart as you see it above. You can fill your name in a space above the driver names and when its full, or after March 31,  whichever comes first, the complete chart will be on my website with the winners filled in up to that point.

I set the deadline to March 31 because I was late deciding to go ahead with it this year. Losing every year I’ve done this is really beginning to suck.

The payouts will be as follows:

Most Firsts – $40

Most Seconds – $30

Most Thirds – $20

Most Poles – $10

Click on the image below to see the whole year on one sheet. If you have any questions about how this table works, fill out the Contact form below the chart.


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 8.11.18 PM




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