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The latest official release of OS 5.0 for the Bold 9000 that I know of is .411 that was put out by Bell here in Canada. There may be another official version of the software elsewhere in the world I suppose, but I’m not aware of it. I’m on the Rogers network but I put that release in once it became available because I wanted to see how it would manage the memory on this device compared to OS 4.6.

Memory usage and/or drain seemed to improve a bit from the 5 or 6 MB of free space but the more I added third party applications, the worse things got. I think the biggest memory hog was SocialScope, one of the best Twitter apps going, but I had to remove it to keep from doing a battery pull twice a day. I was concerned that the premium version of Documents to Go was also using a lot of the memory so I deleted it but there was little or no change to the available memory on the device.

With barely more than 10 MB free, I was getting very frustrated with this lack of ability to use the 9000 for anything more than a regular cell phone, or maybe even a “feature phone”, so I put .610 in and enjoyed a more usable device.

Aside from having about 20 MB of available memory, .610 offered a few nice features. The Key Lock icon was absent from the menu screen but I noticed that the Mute button now locked and unlocked the keys rather than put the device in Standby mode. The Camera regained its features that were lost even in the official .411 update so I was able to do more than just return to the Camera to shoot another photo or send the image via email or MMS.

Enter OS Feature wise it is pretty much the same as .610, but, I had about 27 MB of free memory while having the following applications installed: Documents to Go Premium (with PDF to GO), Twitter for BlackBerry, CaptureIt, My Account amd Zoompass from Rogers Wireless, Poynt, LinkedIn, Windows live Messenger, GPSLogger,, and all the core BlackBerry apps. I just couldn’t have all that with 4.6 or for that matter.

So to sum up this very basic review of OS, it is definitely worth the upgrade. You won’t be sorry. It let’s the 9000 do what it was meant to do… a lot.

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Goodbye Facebook

Well, by now, if you use Facebook, you may have heard that the community website that is loved and adored by some 400 million people worldwide is once again under scrutiny for their privacy ethics. I never was a fan of Facebook from the beginning, in fact I ignored an invitation from my son to join the site for over a year before deciding to see what all the hype was about.


Once I was a member, I wasn’t exactly wowed by what I saw. What people are thinking or doing all the time is, well, really none of my business. And what I’m thinking or doing all the time is no one’s business either. Whatever happened to keeping things personal? I think its sad that our society has adopted such a desire to tell everyone what is going on in our lives.


However, over a period of time, I began to see that everyone I knew was using Facebook. It’s eerie how that sounds like a reference to drug use but, I must include myself in that statement. In the two or three years that I was a member of the site, there were amendments to their  privacy policy that got the hair up on some people’s necks, most of who were likely some sort of tech pundit or security expert. And as a fan of technology, I hear what these people are saying and pay attention to it.


There were a couple of times when I was tempted to leave Facebook, but couldn’t really find a valid reason. I tightened up the security settings on my account to the point where I really didn’t exist and merely used the site as a means to keep in touch with family members. I didn’t post images, I didn’t play those senseless games, and I rarely wrote on anyone’s wall. For me, it was just another email inbox.


The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was this latest resurgence in Facebook’s lack of its users privacy. It was bad enough that all the default privacy settings left things wide open and you had to turn them off to make your profile more secure, but to initiate a concept called “Open Graph” where loads of other websites are equipped with Facebook-like functionality, and to have your information open to these sites by default, well that’s morally and ethically wrong in my opinion. You shouldn’t have to change your settings to opt out of something that shares your online preferences, you should have to opt in. We aren’t even given a choice from the beginning with Facebook.


I am not a public figure so I don’t expect to have a lot of traffic on this blog post, but I support the decision of a well known technology expert named Leo Laporte to delete his Facebook account. And I support the theory behind his decision where he doesn’t feel right about keeping his account open since he feels he is “coercing people” he’s in relationships with “to do something bad”. You can read the story on CNN’s website here, but be careful, CNN has a relationship with Facebook that uses that Open Graph technology.


If you are someone who knows me personally, you will no longer find me on Facebook. If you don’t have my email address, you’ll find on on my Contact right here on this site.

Twitter for BlackBerry

Well, if you liked the first release of BlackBerry’s new Twitter application you’re going to like this next release more. Although T4BB is designed by RIM as a native app for BlackBerry, the first version was somewhat slow and a lot of users reverted back to their favourite third party application. And I must say, the competition is getting good out there.
The new leak is much faster with a few added features and expires at the end of June I believe. It says in the EULA, but I scrolled too quick through it to catch the date.
Thanks to the folks at BBTweeps, you can get T4BB at one of the following links. And be sure to look for your operating system at the end of the link to get the correct one. Just type it in your BlackBerry browser.

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Twitter for BlackBerry

If you’re looking for the native BlackBerry Twitter app, here are some OTA links. Just enter the appropriate one in your BlackBerry browser. Mind you, this is a leaked version, but they work.

OS 5.0.0:

OS 4.7.1:

OS 4.6.0:


From My Point of View

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The art or process of producing images on a sensitized surface (be it film or digital) by the action of radiant energy and especially light.

This little website at the end of the internet showcases Greg’s work as a photographer. If you are interested in these or any of Greg’s images, please go to the Contact page to see how to reach him for more information. Remember, this site is a work in progress, so check back once in a while to see what’s new.

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