My 2012 Project

Hello World. I was challenged to a little project just over a year ago, and that project was to take a photo a day for 2012 and post it on Instagram. Well, I did it!

Ok, I didn’t post all of them on Instagram (that’s a story for a different blog post), but I did post them on Flickr. The image below is a “poster” of my whole year. I hope you’ll go to Flickr and have a look at them. Some will be good, some not so good. But I must say, I rather enjoyed doing it (for the most part – it got a little gruelling at times trying to come up with a subject) and it sure taxed my creative genes. You can see the series HERE.

I have to give a big thanks to my friend Lynn Reket for getting me into this, and I can assure you Lynn, I will never do this again, lol. As good as it feels to have completed a task of this nature, it isn’t something I want to commit to again.

I hope you enjoy the series and as always, comments are welcome.





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